28 April 2009

Rejected Photos

Since I have not had time to take very many photos during the past few weeks, and the few I have uploaded have been rejected, I am posting some of my rejected photos. 

These are photos from last summer in Egypt.


12 April 2009

32nd Accepted Photo

It's nothing too special, but it got accepted so that's good. I keep getting a lot of rejections. I am just trying right now to reach 50 accepted photos so I can start to have exclusivity benefits. 

Alexandria Library

07 April 2009

Fourth Sale

Egyptian Money


I have not had any recent uploads accepted unfortunately. But I am hoping to reach 50 uploads soon so I can choose to become exclusive on Dreamstime, which simply means more benefits. I do not have the time to upload on other sites, so becoming exclusive is worth it for me. 

Third Sale

Desert in Egypt